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About me

Blank canvasses excite and disturb me...

Born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1977, I grew up in a creative family in which both grandfathers were remarkable craftsmen and my mother practiced calligraphy and stained glass. I accepted a partial scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute in the fall of ‘96 and after exploring the foundations program in which I was encouraged to discover and create in every department, I settled on painting. I was told by a professor that I was in his opinion a colorist, which to this day holds true. My sophomore year I was admitted into the Dean of the painting departments class Warren Rosser, an honor that is usually only reserved for upper class men. It would be in Rosser's class where my ability to craft a painting off of listening to the materials and deconstructing the piece to become more than just a picture would be nurtured.

After college I moved to Austin, TX, where I spent 14 years building my body of work outside of the academic walls of instruction. I became more enamored in my practice by the softer conversations between colors as they blend. The relationship between color as emotional condition and the weighting of and atmosphere became my narrative. Simply put Im excited about the quiet language between the materials as they collide with one another; like how a blue can melt into a red in this intimate exchange of territorial moods. Approaching my work, play is necessary for discovery if for no other reason than the intimidation and vastness the blank canvasses potentially hold. Once a mark is down, I can build a relationship off of that line. All my work is built from happy accidents of play and editing in a subtractive/ additive manner.

Making a painting unlocks the loudest voices inside me and creates the quietest spaces within me.

I work closely with interior designers to provide custom pieces that speak to the rooms scale and aesthetics. 

Commissions welcomed!

Paintings are held in private collections in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Washington, DC, and London.